DD Mini Farm

DD Mini FarmWelcome to DD Mini Farm, located in Middle Tennessee.  We breed, raise, train, and show registered miniature horses.  Occasionally we will have a few for sale.

We are the home of Bonnie & Friends.  Bonnie & Friends are the Tennessee Equine Hospital mascots and go to many events for the hospital.  You can also hire them to come to events and birthday parties around the Middle Tennessee area.

Please follow our journey as we have baby horses born, train them to lead, and have their first bath.  Watch how our horses do at horse shows and how much fun we have at events.

DD Mini Farm no longer boards or gives riding lessons.  Occasionally we may have horses for sale.  I will not sell a horse over the phone.  We must meet you and have you meet the horse.  Our horses are our kids, and we want to ensure that our kids go to great homes.  I will ask many questions to make me comfortable letting my baby go live at your farm.  Horses need a buddy; if you do not have another horse already, I will not sell you a single horse.  I will require you to buy two.  Our starting price is $1500 per horse and goes up depending on training, confirmation, and registration.  If this is not in your budget, please find a horse elsewhere.

Photo Credit: DaNel Hicks


All visits are by appointment only. Please do not just show up. This is our home; sometimes, we may be out running errands, busy, or even hanging out with friends.  Check out our Calendar to see if we are available. 

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