DD Mini Farm Horses

DD Mini Farm Horses are all shapes and sizes and breeds.  Our horses are purchased, rescued, bred, and given to us.

Miniature Horse Show

I want to answer a question that several people are curious about.   How can I rescue horses and continue to breed horses.   The answer is:  I only breed quality miniature horses to help improve the breed.  I don’t rush to sell them.  I’ve had horses for years before selling them.  Many I’ve never sold.  I heard a veterinarian say before. “We will lose quality horses if breeders don’t breed for quality”.

I breed for conformation and quality.  Most years I only breed a couple.  Some years I don’t breed any at all.   When I sell my horses I make sure they are going to a home that can afford to take care of them.   I try hard to match horse and people personalities.  Even if I have horses for sale they may not be the right horse for your situation.  I will help people find horses to meet their needs even if the purchase is from someone else.

I do require references and I will ask a lot of questions before selling a horse to someone.  Many of my horses are available for therapy use.

I also rescue horses in need.  I’ve purchased horses in need and I’ve been given horses.  Some of the horses I’ve been given were in poor condition.  Some were just hard to sell horses that I’ve either rehomed or decided to keep for me.

DD Mini Farm Horses


I love all of the DD Mini Farm Horses because each and every one of them has its own special personality.

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