Miniature Horses for Sale

Occasionally we may have miniature horses for sale.  I will not sell a horse over the phone.  We must meet you and have you meet the horse.  Please get in touch with Us for an appointment.  Our horses are our kids, and we want to ensure that our kids go to great homes.  I will ask many questions to make me comfortable letting my baby go live at your farm.  Horses need a buddy; I will not sell you a single horse if you already have another horse.  I will require you to buy two.  Our starting price is $1500 per horse and goes up depending on training, confirmation, and registration.  If this is not in your budget, please find a horse elsewhere.


DD Mini Farm does not have any horses for sale at this time.  If you have a miniature horse for sale, please consider listing it here.  ($25 one-time fee) I get several calls weekly from people looking for miniature horses for sale.

All visits are by appointment only.  Please do not just show up.  This is our home.  Sometimes we may be out running errands.  

Please click the link below for a book from Barns and Nobel for helpful miniature horse information.


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