What can you do with Miniature Horses?

Are you wondering what you can do with miniature horses?  Well, you can do many things with miniature horses.  You can use them as Therapy Horses and show them in Miniature Horse Shows.  Miniature horses are able to be trained to drive and pull a cart for pleasure, show, or parades.  Last and most important is enjoying them.

Therapy Horses

Miniature horses used for therapy issues are mostly smaller horses with people-friendly personalities.  Many horses are not skittish and can go into buildings without fear.  You must ensure your horse can meet the requirements of miniature horse therapy work.  Follow our YouTube series to ensure your horse will be happy being a miniature therapy horse.

There are several miniature horse therapy organizations online that work across the United States.  Their primary focus is going to hospitals and nursing homes to visit needy people.

Miniature Horse Shows

There are two central Miniature Horse registries in the United States.  One is the American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA), and the other is the American Miniature Horse Registry (AMHR).  AMHA has miniature horses measuring up to 34,” and AMHR has two divisions and allows horses to go up to 38″.

Most miniature horse shows are through one or the other registry.  To be able to participate in these shows, the miniature horse must be registered with the registry hosting the show.   If your horse is not registered, you can always choose a saddle club or an open horse show that allows miniatures.


Once a miniature horse becomes three years old, it can be taught to drive.  Driving horses is done for pleasure, parades, or you can show in driving classes at horse shows.  I suggest you find someone who knows how to train miniature horses.  I have seen horrible accidents with horses and carts when horses are not trained well.


Enjoy Them

These horses are fun to have around and enjoy.  They are a great way to have a horse without the space required for a giant horse.  The costs are still the same or similar to a large horse.  Miniature horses are great for kids to learn about horses.  They don’t feel scared about the size of the horse and can feel safe around them.


I hope this answers many questions about what you can do with Miniature Horses.  There are many ways to enjoy the company of your little horse.  I sometimes have horses for sale, and I also have friends that sell miniature horses.  Please contact me if you are looking for one, and I will do my best to help you find one.


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