Affordable Web Design

Do you need affordable web design?  I can help you with simple websites at an affordable price.  Pricing varies depending on the content.

A website similar to this website will run $200 to start.  I will do the work, and you will provide the photos and the wording.  Most websites take one to two weeks, depending on how fast you get your information to me.

Websites that I have created that are still up and running:

DD Mini Farm
Mini Therapeutic Horses
Finish Line Roofs and More (I started it, and the owner upkeeps it)
Bon Temp Doodles
Manley’s Equine

I have created other websites that the owners have decided not to use anymore.

Affordable Web Design

I offer an upkeep service to keep your website up to date and up to two hours of editing per month for only $25.  Or I can teach you what to do, and you can upkeep your website.  I know some people need affordable web design, so I keep my pricing reasonable.

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