New Horse Equipment Checklist

If you are a new horse owner unsure what to get, check out this new horse equipment checklist and get all the items you need.

Ask the person you are buying the horse from if the horse comes with a halter and lead rope.  Many people sell horses with these items, but sometimes I’ve gone to pick up a horse or a group of horses and halters, and lead ropes were not part of the package.  So I always carry one with me when I pick them up to be safe.

Find out from the person you are buying the horse from what type of feed they are currently eating.  If you can not feed the same kind of feed, get some of their feed to transition the horse(s) from the one feed to the one you plan to feed.  This should be done over a seven to ten-day period.

Don’t forget to have hay on hand.  Even if your horse is going to be out in the pasture all of the time, it is good to have a few bales of hay on hand in case you have to put your horse in a stall or small paddock for a short time.  I hate having to stress about getting hay when you have so much going on due to unexpected events.

Vets and Farriers

Before taking your horse home, make sure you have a vet lined up for yearly checkups and unseen emergencies.  It is also good to have a farrier lined up also.  Horses need their feet done regularly, and I have one horse that needs to be done every five weeks.  Most horses can go every 6 to 10 weeks between trims.

Here is a list of everyday items with a link to Amazon to make a purchase.

Grooming Supplies

New Horse Equipment ChecklistHere is a great brush kit.  It has everything a new horse owner needs.
Carrying Tote Keeps it All in One Place
a hoof pick (watch our video on how to pick your horses’ hooves safely)
a dandy brush
a sweat scraper
a mane and tail comb
a body brush

This Equigroomer is a great item to get all the winter hair off your horse.  They fit great in your hand and are easy to use.  Check it out in use on our video on how to use this product.  (be sure to like and subscribe to get more videos with helpful tips)



Buckets and Feedpans

No photos in this section.  But here is a list of my favorite buckets.



If I missed any items that you think are important to be on the new horse equipment checklist, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me to add them to this list.

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